Thrifting in Hawaii

In March I had to go to Hawaii to attend my nephew’s wedding. Tough, I know. It was a wonderful trip and a great time with family. We had some time the last day we were in Kona and I convinced my husband to take me to some flea markets and maybe a thrift store. We went to two flea markets where most of the vendors sold crafts, not vintage but it was fun to shop and I picked up an ornament for my Christmas tree and a pair of earrings. We then tried to find a thrift store I had seen online. Couldn’t find that one but did find two others, both run by charities. Stopped in 4Good Thrift in Kailua-Kona and bought another pair of earrings. The shop had many of the same items you would fine here on the East Coast where I live, except a few items you might expect in Hawaii. I wish I had more time to explore the other stores, well maybe we did but convincing the hubby is another matter.  Anyway Hawaii was beautiful and I was happy I got to go thrifting “Hawaii Style.”


Hoarder’s Estate Sale

I watch Hoarders and American Pickers on TV, both are about people who hoard things. On Hoarders it usually is not a good thing, the people and their families are suffering. On American Pickers, hoarding is a good thing as Mike and Frank are making a profit off someone’s hoard. I went to an Estate Sale last week that was advertised as a sale at a hoarder’s home. The owner had passed way and her family was left with cleaning out the house. It was a small bungalow, just chock full off what we call “smalls”. No large pieces of furniture, just knick knacks and tons of Christmas stuff. Every room, including the scary basement with steep stairs and no railing, were full. It was almost overwhelming but fun engaging in the hunt and deciding what to buy. I’d rather go to that kind of sale than some of the over-priced high end estate sales that I see around my area. Bought a few items and just loved looking at the “hoard.” Pictured above are a few of my purchases.

Refrigerator Dishes

When I am lucky enough to find refrigerator dishes and list them in my shops, they always sell quickly. People love these colorful glass storage dishes. I had one buyer tell me they like storing leftovers in glass rather than plastic, better for the environment and glass doesn’t degrade and get thrown away so quickly.

These dishes were originally sold as sets by Pyrex. The first sets became available in 1949 and sold for $3.25. They have lids for keeping food fresh and can be stacked one on top of the other in the fridge. At first the sets came in the classic Pyrex primary colors and then some of the other Pyrex patterns like the Gooseberry one seen in the picture. The sizes were 1.5 quarts, 1.5 pints and 1.5 cups. Who wouldn’t like opening the refrigerator door and seeing these colorful storage dishes?

Some sites to check out.


New Year, New Goals.

As I sit here listening to the music on my computer, I am reflecting on the past Holiday selling season and trying to formulate and write down my goals for 2017. I had my best selling season ever thus the lack of blogging. I was too busy packing and shipping. My  success was a result I think of my concerted effort to find treasures and get them listed this past year.  I have more items on Ebay which also helped.

Now for goals, well I did an inventory of all my items listed on Ebay and Etsy, need to be sure what I have listed on my Excel sheets are actually in the bins they are supposed to be in.  I cleaned my office which looked like a bomb hit it. Ordered new supplies like boxes ( free ones from USPS and Ebay ) and bubble wrap. Oh yes and started an inventory of my Amazon book listings,  removing and giving penny sellers to the library.

Next to think of more goals that are harder to envision, like where do I want to go with my business and when do I really want to retire from all selling ( hard to picture that happening, buts let’s be realistic….I am no spring chicken ). Stay tuned.


The View from My Office

In a way I guess I am lucky to at least have a dedicated space for an office in my house but it never seems big enough and when I have to take picture for my stores, I have to use my  guest room for photographing my items. When I see other online sellers with entire basements or rented spaces, I am more than a little envious. I even saw where someone purchased the house next door to them for their business. I was at an indoor yard sale last year where the entire house was full of collectibles for sale. The owner said it was her father’s inventory from a closed antique shop and they were getting his house ready for sale and brought his inventory to the house to sell. I have to wonder though if the items are still there and she is just using the home for her business. Anyway, here are some photos of my office and how I make do with what I have. Bins for my vintage and Ebay items and shelves for my books. My space might be small but I do have a nice view.

My Favorite Thrift Shop

When out thrifting don’t overlook the small shop in churches or other charities. They might not have a ton of stuff but the prices are usually reasonable. My favorite is in a Presbyterian church which happens to be very near my home, easy to get to and lots of parking. Yesterday they had half price on clothing and they often have mark downs different times of the year. The hours may not be convenient for everyone. This one is open one Saturday a month for those that work during the week.


Care ‘n Share Shop

A New Month

November and the trees are dressed in their beautiful Fall colors. Been busy so have not posted in a while. I have been taking care of my husband who came down with a Staph infection after hip replacement. Trying to keep up with my business presents some challenges with sales starting to pick up for the holidays but I will do my best  and I still hope for a great 4th quarter. Enjoy the Fall everyone and get out and vote!fall