The View from My Office

In a way I guess I am lucky to at least have a dedicated space for an office in my house but it never seems big enough and when I have to take picture for my stores, I have to use my  guest room for photographing my items. When I see other online sellers with entire basements or rented spaces, I am more than a little envious. I even saw where someone purchased the house next door to them for their business. I was at an indoor yard sale last year where the entire house was full of collectibles for sale. The owner said it was her father’s inventory from a closed antique shop and they were getting his house ready for sale and brought his inventory to the house to sell. I have to wonder though if the items are still there and she is just using the home for her business. Anyway, here are some photos of my office and how I make do with what I have. Bins for my vintage and Ebay items and shelves for my books. My space might be small but I do have a nice view.


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