New Year, New Goals.

As I sit here listening to the music on my computer, I am reflecting on the past Holiday selling season and trying to formulate and write down my goals for 2017. I had my best selling season ever thus the lack of blogging. I was too busy packing and shipping. My  success was a result I think of my concerted effort to find treasures and get them listed this past year.  I have more items on Ebay which also helped.

Now for goals, well I did an inventory of all my items listed on Ebay and Etsy, need to be sure what I have listed on my Excel sheets are actually in the bins they are supposed to be in.  I cleaned my office which looked like a bomb hit it. Ordered new supplies like boxes ( free ones from USPS and Ebay ) and bubble wrap. Oh yes and started an inventory of my Amazon book listings,  removing and giving penny sellers to the library.

Next to think of more goals that are harder to envision, like where do I want to go with my business and when do I really want to retire from all selling ( hard to picture that happening, buts let’s be realistic….I am no spring chicken ). Stay tuned.



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