Refrigerator Dishes

When I am lucky enough to find refrigerator dishes and list them in my shops, they always sell quickly. People love these colorful glass storage dishes. I had one buyer tell me they like storing leftovers in glass rather than plastic, better for the environment and glass doesn’t degrade and get thrown away so quickly.

These dishes were originally sold as sets by Pyrex. The first sets became available in 1949 and sold for $3.25. They have lids for keeping food fresh and can be stacked one on top of the other in the fridge. At first the sets came in the classic Pyrex primary colors and then some of the other Pyrex patterns like the Gooseberry one seen in the picture. The sizes were 1.5 quarts, 1.5 pints and 1.5 cups. Who wouldn’t like opening the refrigerator door and seeing these colorful storage dishes?

Some sites to check out.



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