Hoarder’s Estate Sale

I watch Hoarders and American Pickers on TV, both are about people who hoard things. On Hoarders it usually is not a good thing, the people and their families are suffering. On American Pickers, hoarding is a good thing as Mike and Frank are making a profit off someone’s hoard. I went to an Estate Sale last week that was advertised as a sale at a hoarder’s home. The owner had passed way and her family was left with cleaning out the house. It was a small bungalow, just chock full off what we call “smalls”. No large pieces of furniture, just knick knacks and tons of Christmas stuff. Every room, including the scary basement with steep stairs and no railing, were full. It was almost overwhelming but fun engaging in the hunt and deciding what to buy. I’d rather go to that kind of sale than some of the over-priced high end estate sales that I see around my area. Bought a few items and just loved looking at the “hoard.” Pictured above are a few of my purchases.


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