Thrifting in Hawaii

In March I had to go to Hawaii to attend my nephew’s wedding. Tough, I know. It was a wonderful trip and a great time with family. We had some time the last day we were in Kona and I convinced my husband to take me to some flea markets and maybe a thrift store. We went to two flea markets where most of the vendors sold crafts, not vintage but it was fun to shop and I picked up an ornament for my Christmas tree and a pair of earrings. We then tried to find a thrift store I had seen online. Couldn’t find that one but did find two others, both run by charities. Stopped in 4Good Thrift in Kailua-Kona and bought another pair of earrings. The shop had many of the same items you would fine here on the East Coast where I live, except a few items you might expect in Hawaii. I wish I had more time to explore the other stores, well maybe we did but convincing the hubby is another matter.  Anyway Hawaii was beautiful and I was happy I got to go thrifting “Hawaii Style.”


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