Flea Markets

Flea Markets are great places to find items for resale. Flea market comes from the French marché aux puces, a name originally given to a market in Paris which sold used items of the kind that might contain fleas. I must say I have never seen any fleas at a flea market. Just went to a Flea Market hosted by a local Lions Club. This was my second time as a buyer. I rented a table there one year, though I have had more success buying than selling. Our local library also has one in the spring. Keep an eye out for these types of flea markets sponsored by nonprofits; they usually post on Craig’s List when one is scheduled.



Tea Cups

Vintage tea cups are so pretty and so varied in design, they make great gifts. I sell a lot of them around Mother’s Day and so am always looking for vintage ones at a good price. I have used them as gifts at Holiday time. I put candy in the cup and then wrap it in cellophane, held together with a festive bow.  The one below if from my Etsy shop.img_6460

My Photo

Let me tell you a bit about the photo at the top of my page. It was taken in a thrift store in New York City. I was in NYC helping my daughter with an event she was sponsoring. We stayed overnight in a hotel and I used the app on my phone to see if there were any thrift shops in the area. What do you know, there were a few and I dragged my daughter to two of them. I found a few small things that I could fit in my suitcase and bring home on the train. I have since sold them all. If you’re a seller of vintage, you always have to be on the hunt.



WELCOME. My name is Ginny and I am the proprietor of 3 online shops, on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. I deal mostly in vintage items, especially vintage china and kitchen items. I started this blog in order to educate everyone about the variety of vintage items, especially the items I sell. You see, I have done much research on them and want to share my knowledge.